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Uber-Creativity is our Hallmark

You are most welcome. It did take us a while to get you here but we finally did. How? That's our little secret but our team works magic, day and night to ensure we are discoverable and to make finding us as easy as finding you your next client.

Our team of seasoned storytellers-cum-marketers breathe and live creativity and never want to miss the opportunity to employ their expertise in finding you a paying-client. We are bent on ensuring your online marketing success and that's because our success story is inextricably tied to yours.

About Us

The Lure&Kit Magneto

A Marketing Passion

Lure&Kit Social is a digital marketing agency with a unique twist focused on delivering real value and measurable success to customers. Our “tried, tested and trusted” strategy thrives on a customer-centric marketing approach.

"Magneto?" Your guess is as good as ours. Few things are as competitive as successfully attracting and delivering real value to customers.

Fortunately, we've aced online marketing! How best to tell your brand's story than through the eyes of your prospective buyer?

What's on their wish-list? Is your product or service on there? How do you get it on there and top of the list?

You can gain traction and positive leads: so let's help!

The Marketing Medley

Every marketer has different needs and so do your prospective clients. You are provided with unique services to choose from. Where one service alone might prove unsuccessful in yielding positive results, you have the option of going with our Marketing Medley.

Content Marketing

Ensure your Content is King

Social Media Management/Marketing

Meet and Greet Potential Clients

Influencer Marketing

Engage & Influence

Search Engine Optimization

Show up in Search Engine Results organically

Email Marketing

Tailor and customize emails to suit recipients' needs

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-As-You-Click Search Engine Results

Sniper Success Rate

Our approach is simple yet well implemented and highly effective. From creating brand awareness to lead generation and positive conversion rates, your success is a guaranteed kill like a sniper's shot.

Exceptional Achievement

Perfect Execution

A Real Success

Quality-Content Packages

The Starter Pack

Recommended For New Businesses

The Ad-hoc Pack

Recommended For Advertising Campaigns and Promotions

The Corporate Pack

Recommended For Established Brands and Businesses

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